Monday, December 24, 2012

SEO Master Expert Reveals New Advanced Techniques in SEO

SEO master expert shares his views with MEST Education on new advanced SEO and SMM techniques

Online businesses in India are growing at a rapid pace. The fast paced world of online marketing demands the webmasters to research and stay up-to-date with not only existing, but also all the forthcoming SEO and SMM trends.

As part of his research, the well known SEO Master Expert and Trainer, Swapan Kumar has devised a new online marketing strategy combining the power of SEO and SMM techniques.

There are great benefits of combining SEO and SMM techniques, which many companies don't fully utilize, says Swapan Kumar, who has been working closely with a number of businesses in India, helping them achieve first page rankings with impressive ROIs.

Implementing a search engine optimization program with little or poor social media marketing is throwing money down the drain. Not knowing the missing link between the optimized content and SMM many companies incur huge losses on their e-commerce and other online ventures, added the SEO master expert.

When looking for SEO India service, SEO India company, or SEO India agency, his advice to businesses is to insist on an online marketing program that takes content optimization and social media optimization together.

The SEO trainer and founder of added, Creating useful social content such as blogs, videos, images, and audio, making it available on social media platforms, making it searchable through search engines, and finally shared by millions of potential customers is a powerful way to reach an audience and improve a brand's visibility.

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